Welcome to PSAR Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd.

PSAR Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing company and has headquarters in Mumbai (Maharastra).

It’s an innovation that will change your way of life. This was an initiative by an Entrepreneur whose main aim was to fulfil the need for efficient and high-quality products in various sections of the market. Over the last five years, ever since its establishment, PSAR Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. has flooded the market with its innovative products in various verticals including but not limited to chocolates, confectionaries, beauty products, and household solutions.

we give utmost importance to consumer satisfaction. All our products are designed to be highly efficient and uphold high standards of quality. Nothing but the best goes on the shelf at PSAR Consumer Products. We aim to continue offering similar ingenious solutions in all verticals and make it easily accessible to everyone in the future.